FreqReact Installation Guide 
Let's get started.


Get FreqReact from the download link sent to the email address provided at checkout. Right click the file and unzip using the built in function of your OS or from a free program such as WINRAR.

Locate ScriptUI Folder.

Open a second file explorer to your computer’s Adobe install path, usually found inside of the ‘Program Files’ folder.

Windows Path:  Adobe > Adobe After Effects CC (version) > Support Files > Scripts > ScriptUI Panels

Mac Path:
Applications > Adobe After Effects (version) > Scripts > ScriptUI Panels

Drag and drop.

Simply drag and drop the FreqReact.jsxbin file straight into this path.

Restart After Effects.

If After Effects was already opened, close it and reopen.

Enable scripts to write files.

Inside of After Effects click the “Edit” dropdown menu and head to Preferences > Scripting and Expressions. Make sure the first option “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” is checked.

Open FreqReact.

You are now ready to react. To open FreqReact for the first time, click the ‘Window’ drop down menu and select “FreqReact.jsxbin” near the bottom. Place and resize this window anywhere you like inside of the After Effects UI.